I started working on a sock and then…


figured out why my sock is going so fast…I tried it on, and can’t even get it over my heel.


I even did a fucking gauge swatch.

I’m so mad right now…

I saw her predicament. Ack. T^T This is why socks terrify me. I mean, I want to learn how to make my own socks and so I started crocheting one but I am still terrified that I’d make it wrong and find it a bitch to unravel and redo.

Speaking of socks, I have a new book on knitting socks which I got for PhP 90 in Booksale yesterday. US Dollar value is roughly 2.50 so it’s a steal, I swear! The title is Socks a la Carte. The socks there are made from cuff to toes. The one I am crocheting is from the toe to the cuff. You could try making one yourself using this pattern: Intuitive Shell Socks.

Making crocheted garments

It’s no easy task. I’ve been intimidated by how small crochet thread is and how big garments should be like. I’ve put making garments on hold because of that. In any case, I started working on the Little Cotton Shrug by Mimi Alelis and I am almost done. I just need to make the edging and then voila! A shrug of my own. Something that fits me. Lol. Being plus size in Manila does not make it easy for me to buy certain clothes. After this shrug, I have a multipurpose scarf/shrug in my queue. Again, a design by Mimi Alelis. I am really enjoying this garment construction using crochet now. :) Maybe I will try to figure out how to make bolero using certain motifs in the Japanese crochet books that I got recently.

Week 12: Checkerboard scarf/headband

I just wanted to know what it’s like to crochet a scarf using thread. After making 50 pieces of a pouch design, I figured it’s as good as making bigger items like scarves and shrugs. If I had the tenacity to finish all those pieces, I thought that I was ready for the challenge. The prelude to the shrug is this scarf/sash. I had one ball of orange cotton crochet thread that I had no clue as to what it was going to be until I realized that it was worth trying out the checkerboard pattern with it.

So the scarf/sash is around 4ft long, and maybe 4 in wide. But because it’s thin and made from cotton, it’s more like a summer/spring scarf if you just want to add accessory to your outfit. It’s lightweight too. I used a 6/0 or E sized crochet hook.

And now that it’s done, I can move on to making a shrug. This little cotton shrug is probably a good project to start with because it’s of shorter sleeve length so it shouldn’t take so long to make. And it’s summer too so it should be appropriate enough.

Crocheting with thread/fingering weight yarn

I have to admit: I personally prefer working with worsted weight yarn. At the very least, sport weight. Fingering weight yarn is rather too fine for my tastes and they take longer to work on too. However, crochet thread which is around fingering weight yarn is locally available from Coats. You could buy them for around 30-40 pesos per ball in the craft shops, even in sewing supply shops and in some school supply shops. Aside from being locally available, the resulting fabric from crocheting with them are more suitable to the local weather.

My challenge to myself these days is to make a crocheted shrug. Fortunately, Mimi Alelis has several designs and I am planning to make one of them soon. First I have to finish a scarf using a ball of Cannon crochet thread. XD But I already one of the shrug patterns she made on my to-do list!

I think I am putting shoe/slipper projects in the backburner. I think that learning how to work with threads will help me see the material in a better light and appreciate it more. After that, I shall make my crocheted shoes. Hopefully with a good sole/shoe base. :)

Meeting a fellow crafter - Madmadz

I went to PCC this weekend because my sister really enjoys seeing cosplayers XD I do too, but I think she likes them more than I do. Anyway, it was also my opportunity to meet a fellow crafter, Madmadz. She makes really cute hats made from fleece. Not just hats, but plushies too! Soooo cute. We ended up sitting at the third floor of Robinson’s Place, a nice spot where we could talk about crocheting and knitting, as well as sewing. I am so glad to have met her in person because she’s also a pretty good cosplayer who takes note of the details of her costumes.

If you’re looking for fleece hats, click the link I shared above for her Tumblr account. :) I think you’d like her works too.

I can has grey yarn!

So this most likely means I will try to make my own Totoro hat :3 I will post pictures once I am done!

Week 8: Jeans to skirt conversion

I started crocheting something this week but I decided to count my jeans to skirt project as my week 8 creation. I am contemplating on unraveling that crocheted project because I can’t make up my mind about it. So yeah, week 8 is jeans to skirt.

My old jeans has holes in several places. I wasn’t able to take pictures of it yet but I might do so this weekend. I think it wasn’t a great job but I have two more jeans to convert so it’s going to be ok, I think XDDD And so far, I think it’s wearable, which is what counts this week. :) I have something new from something old. It’s my birthday this weekend so I definitely want something new but I can’t really spend so much these days so I had to make it from something old. Besides, I think that re-using and repurposing things could be so much better for me and the environment too. :) That’s my little bit for the environment.

Knitting Pattern Websites


Pom Pom Tutorials

Ok, I’m officially pom pom obsessed. I’m the kind of person who can’t sit and watch tv. I watch tv + make soap, sew, cut pictures out of mags, eat, blog, or anything else crafty! And pompoms are sooo easy to make when watching tv! Especially tv I have to concentrate on like The Wire (yes, I’m so behind on watching this amazing tv show!) So what do I do with the bountiful supplies of pompoms I now have? Well apart from amusing my cat, here are some more:

Top Row: Mini Pom Pom Topiary by Domestifluff; Pom Pom Tutu Peg Dolls by Pom Pom Emporium; Pom Pom Heart by Zakka Life

Middle Row: Pom Pom Pumpkin by Glue Gun Crafts; Pom Pom Necklace & Scarf by Bleubird Vintage; Pom Pom Headband by Bugs & Fishes

Bottom Row: Pom Pom Wreath by Bleubird Vintage; Pom Pom Pennant by HonestlyWTF

Pompoms are adorable. Which reminds me: I want to make pompom earrings!

(via )

Week 7: Shelly (Cowl/Hat)

It turns into a hat too!