I think I could recreate this hat because I’ve made something similar before. This meshy hat is what I am talking about.

I think the hat I previously made has a similar main pattern. I just need to make it roll up at the edge.

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Cross-posting using Posterous via Email

I just need to test this so that I could start blogging again.  I’ve been trying to manage my subdomains and blogs and it has become tedious over the last how many months.  Tumblr and Posterous versions of my blog will be considered as mirrors.  The main one is on Blogger, with the URL crafts.craftyneko.com :)
Here’s hoping that everything will be fine when it comes to my blogs.

After a long hiatus, I am back. I have a backlog of things to take pictures of. For now, here’s the matroshka style Eames crochet doll I made for Karra. We both love Inception, and Eames is one of our favorite characters. I hope to make an Arthur doll soon enough.

There’s been a lot of things happening at work so I haven’t really been crocheting as often as I wish. But I will try to update with pictures of the things I made.

Two weeks without craft posts?!

Well, the week before this I was able to make a business card holder which I didn’t post yet. And this week, I started working on a motif-based shrug. Unfortunately, I was feeling unwell so I couldn’t really focus on it. So I might extend that project to this coming week.

Knitting Technique: Traveling Loop

Looks like it’s good for hats and cowls, not sure for socks.

Making socks…

is no easy thing.

I was thinking that I need to do a small enough project for the week so I thought of socks. But really, it’s not easy. My feet are wide ~_~ I am done with the foot part and I started working on the ankle/leg part. The heel will be added later on in this toe-up sock thing. Argh. 20 chains as directed by the crochet guide doesn’t work for me. And I made it to 30 chains and it’s too loose. I dunno. Maybe 24 is going to be too tight but 28 will still be quite loose ~_~ I dunno. I am considering to make the sock cuff tighter but short socks that are too loose aren’t pretty either T^T

Oh well. For the sake of making socks, I will press on later. But I still have other things to do :(

Crochet hook size - Japanese size and conversion

This link shows you what those Japanese crochet hook sizes are in mm :) For the sock project I am making, I don’t have a C hook but I crochet loosely so I am using a 4/0 hook.

I started working on a sock and then…


figured out why my sock is going so fast…I tried it on, and can’t even get it over my heel.


I even did a fucking gauge swatch.

I’m so mad right now…

I saw her predicament. Ack. T^T This is why socks terrify me. I mean, I want to learn how to make my own socks and so I started crocheting one but I am still terrified that I’d make it wrong and find it a bitch to unravel and redo.

Speaking of socks, I have a new book on knitting socks which I got for PhP 90 in Booksale yesterday. US Dollar value is roughly 2.50 so it’s a steal, I swear! The title is Socks a la Carte. The socks there are made from cuff to toes. The one I am crocheting is from the toe to the cuff. You could try making one yourself using this pattern: Intuitive Shell Socks.